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The Sweet Spot Story

The summer of 2000, I returned to my roots in Wartrace, Tennessee. The occasion was my first "Nelson" family reunion in twenty-five years. During one of several feasts, my Aunt Lizzy summoned me into the pantry. Without ceremony, she handed me a handwritten scrap of paper and told me, "Start bakin'." Being the only male in my matriarch dominated lineage, this moment came as a shock, since I have two older sisters and my cousins. Not to mention, this was my first reunion in a quarter century. However, to question my Aunt Lizzy's decision would have been disrespectful. So, I did as she instructed and began baking.

A year later, baking this pecan pie is a passion, which I share with friends and extended family. Without fail the response to biting into one of these "sweet spots" is ecstasy. I made the decision; this private joy is too wonderful to not share it with the Universal family. Prepared with conscious, organic, fresh ingredients this pie is deliciously sweet without being overbearing. Generations of wisdom and spirit have brought this wonderfully unique flavor to us today.

Serving The Sweet Spot
The Sweet Spot is best served fresh but will retain its freshly baked flavor for 7 days if covered and refrigerated or for 1 month if frozen. Reheat at 200 degrees for 7-10 minutes and enjoy.

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